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I believe that we are all born with unique gifts and purpose. Along the way though, we learn the rules of society that tell us these natural gifts are wrong, so we cover them up with shame and shrink ourselves, feeling smaller over time. Eventually, we embark on the quest of remembering who we are, searching outside of ourselves for something that actually existed deep within us all along.


What helps me on this journey towards remembering who I am are the healers and the teachers I meet along the way. Those that inspire me to not only get to the root of my suffering and sorrow, but will also provide the tools necessary in order to end it.

We are all teachers at some point in this lifetime. Our knowledge is powerful, and our stories can help others to grow. I truly believe that by sharing with honesty, vulnerability and humility, we can begin this healing journey together, and eventually learn how to thrive.

This is the premise of the Beyond the Bliss Podcast. Let's dive deep into all realms of wellness. Let's discuss topics related to personal-growth, spirituality, energetic healing, alternative medicine, holistic health, relationships and so much more. Let's hear from the beautiful souls that are willing to provide more than just facts, supplying us with relatable stories, different perspectives and tools that we can individualize to enhance our growth.

It is my hope that you will be left with the confidence to go on expanding, through this life and all the rest. Feeling empowered to not only live your life, but to discover your bliss through it and continue to shine.


Xx- Dani

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